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The LFI.Gallery is curated by Leica Fotografie International – the magazine for photography, first published in 1949. In contrast to other photography communities, the LFI.Gallery consciously rejects social media elements such as comments and likes. The prime focus here is solely on the exchange between the photo editors of LFI and the photographer.

Send us your best pictures, get feedback from the experts and find inspiration from other award-winning pictures. All submissions are viewed and carefully assessed by the photo editors of LFI on a daily basis and then presented to a wider audience.

The LFI.Gallery offers you a global presence with LFI both online and in print, alongside numerous options for interaction:

Leica Master Shots

The best Leica pictures in the LFI.Gallery – a daily selection from the photo editors of LFI. Enter your picture and find out if you have captured a Leica Master Shot.

The LFI Magazine Lightbox

In every print edition, the photo editors of LFI publishes a themed selection of the work of photographers who submitted pictures to the LFI.Gallery alongside pictures from the world’s best photographers.

The LFI Blog

Dedicated photographers in the LFI.Gallery whose work is particularly appreciated by the photo editors will be given more space for their stories and will be presented on the LFI Blog with an extensive spread and interview.

Picture of the Week

Every week, the LFI photo editors select their ‘Picture of the Week’ from all the photographs in the LFI.Gallery. All winning pictures will be shown for a week on the LFI website and on the LFI and Leica Camera social media channels and newsletters.


In addition to the best individual photographs, the LFI.Gallery also features curated categories that are broken down according to genres. Whether assigned to the genre of street photography, portrait, nude photography or landscapes, the best pictures always land in the right category.

Filter function

Would you like to see how a particular Leica lens behaves? Or compare two different lenses wide open? No problem! In the LFI.Gallery, you have filtering options to enable you to select Leica pictures according to the camera model, the lens and the focal length and the aperture used.

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